So the first season of Tball was over back in May...mmmmhhhhmmmm, I'm a little behind! It took her a little while to like it because she wasn't very good but when she started catching some balls and hit the ball off the T she was ok. In one of her games she tripped going to first base so she was mad for a little bit but she got over it and continued to play. She played with a girl from our neighborhood and 2 other girls that she knew from the gym play area. After the season was over we had a swim/pizza party at one of the girls house where they received their tropies and just played together all day! The coaches were so patient and so great! We have signed her up again for Tball with her friends so I'm excited to see how she plays this time :)


Hannah's visit

My youngest sister's oldest, Hannah, came for a visit for 10 days and it was awesome! She was so excited to come to the heat because if you lived in Washington State you probably would feel the same way. She loved it here, so she says, and she was such a big helper and friend to Kassidy. It was kinda nice to have an older kid here to play with and I just left them in the morning while they slept and I went to my second home (yes, the gym). While she was here we took her to In-N-Out probably 5 times, we went to a really cute cupcake place for her 12th birthday, we saw the musical Annie in Queen Creek, we went to a baseball game, we went to the big Sweeties candy store where she picked out stuff for her family, I took her and my 2 cousin's girls that are 12 and 14 for a night out at the mall and a sleepover, went to Bass Pro Shop for crafts and stuff, and we swam a lot! Kassidy is now diving and swimming under water so she's having a lot more fun when we swim with other kids that are doing that. On a side note...Kassidy is now jumping off of the diving board at Basha pool! I'm so proud of her. So anywho...we are so happy that Hannah could come and stay with us. I had told Kassidy like a month before she was coming, that she was coming, and so she wrote a letter to her, drew her pictures and asked every day if tomorrow she was gonna be here...it was so cute and I was so happy that she could see her again, she was on that girl like a fly to poop! Sorry to Hannah, hehe. I thought Kassidy was gonna pee her pants on the drive over to pick her up from the airport...ahhhh the anticipation of fun! We miss you Hannah :)


Summer break camping trip

Summer fun and sleepovers

2 of Kassidy's favorite things...swimming and sleepovers.


a funny text

I got this text from a neighbor yesterday.

Hey Lisa, Savannah was on her play phone in walmart today and this is what she was saying, "really Kassidy? you are going to the ball with the prince?"

I love girls! They are funny!


Twix is now an outside kitty...ah oh!

Twix our kitten has discovered the dog door and is now a roamer in the neighborhood and I'm not happy about that and neither is Kassidy. Oh poor Kassidy, this is what happened the other night.

It was around 7:30pm and Kassidy was getting ready to go to bed and we hear the click of the dog door which meant Twixy was going out for the night (she just started doing this) and Kassidy said we needed to go get her so I went out back and was calling her in when Chandler our dog decided to chase her as I was coming in and all of a sudden I hear Kassidy just start having a panic attack, sobbing and screaming "chandler made twixy run" and she's pointing towards the back wall and after I got out where she went, it happened to be up the tree. So I had to calm Kassidy down and tell her it was ok, the kitty knows how to climb and get down but she was not believing me so because I'm such a great mom, hehe, I keep telling her it's ok and I'll go rescue poor Twixy. She goes inside and watches me from the window as I get a chair and reached up to grab the kitty. Hopefully no one was driving and looking over our wall or they would have got a show! So I got the kitty and all was fine and Kassidy was smiling and took her to her room to go to bed...after yelling at Chandler for making her go up the tree :)

This is going to be a bad thing if this little kitty gets eaten...I don't even want to know what Kassidy will do!