A train in the mall?

Kassidy and I went to the mall yesterday to return something and we got a See's chocolate and were sitting on the couches eating when Kassidy said "I see a train, do you see the train?" I'm looking around and I don't see a train so I told her she was crazy. I said "do you see it now?" and she said no and then said "you wait, you'll see the train". So a few minutes later her eyes get big and she says " see there's the train" and I turn around and low and behold there is a train coming through the mall! She says "see I told you so" with a huge smile on her face! So we go running down the mall to find where we get on this train and as she's running she looks at me with her arms swinging big and says "we're running mommy, this is good excercise". Good girl, I am glad I'm teaching you something good! So I wasn't sure if it was a free ride or what so when we got there the sign said $3 dollars per person, not per ride, per person so yep we paid $6 to ride this little train. I just don't understand why if you have to accompany your children on rides or take them to places that obviously you can't leave them at and you are obviously not partaking in the activities because it's a kids place, do the parents have to pay...I think it's retarded and a rip off. She did have a good time though and the smile on her face and the fun she was having was worth it and I guess that's why they charge it because they know you will pay.


Kassidy says funny things

We attended a baptism last night and when it came time for the blessing all the men were in the circle and Kassidy whispers to me...

"mommy there's a baby in there" - pointing to the circle of men
me - "shhh, no there's not" - thinking, what the heck, why would she say that?
"mommy there's a baby in there" - getting a little bit louder
"me - shhhhhhhhh, no there's not" - wanting her to be quiet but now I just figured out why she was saying that
"mommy there's a baby in there"
me - "no there's not, you'll see"

She thought it was a baby blessing because that's all she's ever seen. So after the blessing they all backed up and I said...

"see there's no baby, it's a man"

hmmmm, I wonder if she thought the baby turned into a man!