Shirtless in AZ

I SO wish I could dress like this in the AZ heat...everywhere I go!! It's 99 degrees right now.


They are trying to rip us off!

K, I'm sure you all know that you have to look at labels on stuff even when it's on sale cuz you may not be getting that great of a deal. Here's the thing that erks me and made me crazy the other day while shopping. I can't exactly remember the story since I'm so old and can't remember *&^%, so I'll tell you the gist of it. I was comparing 2 different brands of a cheaper bar soap and found that they were priced about the same with the same amount of bars in each package but if you look at the one brand, each soap was only 4 oz. and if you looked at the other brand each soap was 4.5 oz. but I think that the 4 oz. pack was a little cheaper but I'm like wait a second, you get 1 more bar in the other pack for a tad more expensive (like maybe cents, I don't remember) so duh, I'm going to get that one!

The other one is Dryers ice cream. You probably all know by now that they have lessoned it to under 1 gallon but kept the price the same and changed the look. They are so clever...NOT. Their excuse to do that was they didn't want the consumers price to go up but they needed to adjust because the world is going to pot (going to pot is my commentary but you get the picture). So anywho, I seriously think they were just trying to hide and see how long it took people to even notice cuz I'm sure there are those that didn't, unlike me, I noticed right away that the carton looked smaller so I looked to see what was up and low and behold, they did make it smaller and then I saw it on the news.

What a bunch of losers these companies are, trying to rip us off with the slightest of hands. I'm sure you are all aware of this stuff but I'm just peeved about it after the whole soap incident so beware, don't let them get you!


There aint nothin like an enima

Ok, so poor little Kassidy hadn't pooped in like 5 days so when I was at a play date today I asked the girls if they've ever experienced this with their little ones and I got lots of good advice! One of the suggestions was to give her prune juice so we tried but she wouldn't drink it, that little stinker, so of course she had to do it the hard way and I went and bought a little enima kit thing and we gave her that. WOW watch out!!! After about an hour or so she just let loose with all kinds of poops comin out. Poor Danny was all by himself cuz I went to a pampered chef party, lol, and he had to clean up after her. Poor little thing had to experience that but now she's ok and hopefully will be back to her normal poops again :)


A plate full of goodness

Look, you can see a bite taken out of one already.

My sweet Sunday friend (she knows what i'm talking about) just brought me over a plate of these yummy bars of goodness!! I'm glad I just got back from my step class so I can eat these! She did it because I'm watching her twins every Thurs. morning for a little while so she can be a good girl and go to the gym but what she is not understanding is that her boys are treat enough for me, they are the cutest babies and I love watching them. Today they were even talking and smiling at me (ya, they are only a couple months old).

Thank you Carol for spoiling me with yummy treats.

Blue tongues

This is what you get when you suck on a blue popsicle. The funniest part about it is they were just laughing their heads off and were more than willing to show for the camera!



This is gross, I can't believe she will do this after she has gotten poo on her hands! I am still trying to potty train, she stopped when she went poo in her undies (didn't like that) but she'll reach in and grab some???


Our Utah trip

This Labor Day we went on a much needed family vacation to Utah because my friend Michelle was getting married (I was her laurel advisor many moons ago). We made the trip up there in 1 day and surprisingly Kassidy did very good. Movies are the way to go when you decide to take a long trip! Kassidy and I were part of the wedding which was on Thursday and she and Addison who is Michelle's sister's daughter were to walk down the isle with eachother while Kassidy carried the ring pillow and Addison to throw down flower petals but of course Kassidy was helping her, or actually doing it for her, but it was so cute!

The next day Friday we went and saw a friend of mine from CA who lives in South Jordan that I haven't seen in 15 years because my crazy parents moved us to the boonies away from civilization! We had such a good time catching up and just laughing at everything that we both have been through and remembering other friends. Thank you Ariel for the good memories :) After visiting with her then it was back to West Valley to see Michelle's sister and play with Addison since they had such a good time at the wedding. Then to end the day we went to Sandy to visit a roomate that I had while living in Utah. Busy busy day!!

On Saturday we made our way to Bountiful to see a friend who I was roomates with in our CA singles ward. We both moved to Utah and after a year or so I went back to CA and she stayed in Utah. Kassidy had fun playing with her 2 kids and they had fun with her! We went to a pool that was at their recreation center and I was able to go down a big water slide with her son and would have done that all day if I could :) Thank you Dawn for lunch and a fun time! Later that afternoon we went to visit my parents who are serving a geneology mission at the family history center. We will be visiting often over the next year since they are close enough to drive, they normally live up in the trees in Idaho which would take forever to drive to! We love you oma and grandpa!

The last day of our trip we spent with CA friends who moved to North Ogden. We went to church with them and stayed for dinner and rock band. They have 3 boys and Kassidy loved playing with them. They ran around the house all night while we were in the basement and didn't hear a thing...it was great...we want their house :) So a little story...we left their house about 8:30pm because we were leaving the next day at 5am, well it had been raining that afternoon into the evening (and still raining) so before we leave Danny decides he is going to try to change our windshield wipers because they didn't work very well on the driver side. Now Arizona is really really hot and these needed to be changed before we left but we never did thinking we won't run into rain...well, guess we learned! So it wouldn't work so we had to go to Walmart to get some since no where else was going to be open...on Sunday...in Utah, lol. So Danny is out in the pouring rain trying to change these wipers and they were not going to work so I started freaking out cuz I had to crouch down and drive but like I could do that for an hour back to West Valley. So he decides to try and drive and he can actually see if he made the seat go higher so on we go, to our destination and we arrived in safety. I so wanted to take a picture of him in the rain, soaked through his clothes but I don't think he would have appreciated the humor at the moment! RaeAnne and Colby we miss you and thank you for letting us invade your Sunday! Thanks for dinner and rock night, we had a blast and can't wait to see you again.


Summertime fun

Today Kassidy had a friend over and they had so much fun. It's really nice when friend's kids come over and they can entertain instead of me :) So the chalk fun is for my sister Vicki because she made fun of me about a year ago when Kassidy and I were at her house because I was appauled that she let her kids write all over the place with chalk and the anal clean uptight first mom that I am said heck no, I would never let Kassidy do that and she basically told me to lighten up! So I say to myself now, geez, why am I so uptight it just washes away. So this is for you Vic and it's FUN, LOL.


...our last stop - Vegas

What? You don't want your picture taken?

Haha, gotcha this time!

We decided that since we were out and about traveling we would change our driving route to go through Vegas and spend Monday with my sister since it didn't cost us any extra money for the dog to be boarded for another 1/2 day...we found this out after making our plans the first time. By the end of this trip Kassidy was so ready to not be in the car! She was a trooper though, she never complained about getting back into the car seat on any trips around Utah but this last leg from Vegas to Arizona was all she could take, poor thing. We had a good time with my sister and her roomate. We had a rib fest complete with pork chops, pork ribs, potatoes and corn! Thank you guys for letting us come over last minute! Oh and sorry about waking up Donna when Danny fell down the stairs with the cooler of food and ice at 5am.