In the eyes of Kassidy, these are her "fashion shoes". They are very colorful, pink and have sparklies all over the top (sorry, they are a bit dirty).

So today we were at the library looking at books and movies and she sees this hollywood movie and gets all excited and says "let's get this fashion movie". I start laughing. I better watch out for this girl :)


Pat's Run

Mary and I after the run, woohoo!

At the end of the kids race.

Danny and Kassidy coming into the finish line.

Almost there!

Ya, I'm not a fast runner so I was right in
front of the walkers and strollers, lol.

Mary and I before the run.

So a neighbor was asking us at the park one day when we were having a play date if anyone wants to run the Pat Tillman 4.2 Run/Walk with her and since it seemed that all my friends from church were doing races lately I said I would do it but I hadn't run in 50 million years and she's like, I haven't either so let's do it together. We start training on our own and the last month she decides she's not doing it so I am going to do it by myself. That's ok with me at this point cuz I've been training. It's also been fun cuz some friends have decided to join in with me running at night.

So yesterday was the big day and I was really nervous, not sure why but I was. My friend Mary decided she was going to do the walking part since she's pregnant but decides after we start running that she's going to try to keep up with me...so off we go. I finished in 55 min. and she was 4 min. after me which is really good since she hasn't been running...either that or I'm REALLY slow, lol. Anywho, it was so fun I want to keep doing them. Mary and I also registered our kids to do the .42 kids run/walk and we were so excited to watch them. We start the run and Kassidy decides after a few steps that she's a little too overwhelmed with all the people so Danny carried her to the finish line. I was disappointed cuz that was going to be the highlight of my day, she's been so excited to do it with her friends but oh well, maybe next year she'll be ok :) So enjoy the pics.



If any of you have ever had a chance to have a Sprinkles cupcake you know what I'm talking about when you will drive 30 minutes just to get 1 and spend $3.50 each! There are only a few around the world and we are lucky enough to have one. So a friend calls me to go get some today and Danny never has had one and wants to know what all the excitement is about. We go get them, Kassidy actually gets to have one since it's Passover and they make some special gluten, flour free ones so I had to get a picture of her eating a cupcake that we bought from a real bakery...not homemade! I was so excited for her! lol. I'm also all excited to come home and have Danny try the red velvet I got for him and then the big letdown...he doesn't like it!!!! Can you believe that? I think he's from another planet and lost some respect for him, wow, I just can't believe he didn't like it...K, more for me!

Princess Belle in Chandler

Yes, Princess Belle made a visit to Walgreens in Chandler AZ and it was quite the experience. Kassidy was so excited to take a picture with her but then when we got there she was so shy but she sat on her lap anyway, it was so cute. When Danny was getting Kassidy dressed she says, wouldn't it be funny if I wore my Tinkerbell shirt and took a picture with Belle? and then she starts laughing, SO CUTE! So here is Kassidy and Belle and our friends that went too.