New Moon...midnight showing...so fun!

Here is a picture that just captured some strange events going on!

WHAT THE.............!

Kassidy's pre-school graduation

Kassidy graduated from pre-school today! What a big day for her...not really, it's only pre-school for goodness sakes :) It was VERY cute though! I was talking to my mom the other day and she says, are you going to get her all dressed up in a graduation dress? because I think that is just way too much. I said, well of course not, I think that is lame...I totally should have just for that comment and then sent her pictures! The 2 feet graduates all marched in up to the stage and sang us some songs and then after we enjoyed socializing and eating, what a fun morning! I can't wait for her to go back next year, she had a good time and so did I :)


Random crap

She LOVES to do silly poses and faces.

At the state fair. Ryan Miller braving this ride. That's his arm sticking out.

At the fair again.

Kassidy riding the airplane.

Kassidy in a baby roller coaster that scared her and Sadie. Kassidy kept saying "can I get off this yet?" I felt bad but was laughing at the same time.

Doggy ears that they made at preschool. All the kids came out looking like this it was SO cute!

We had a garage sale last Sat. and I sent out Danny to get some cash/change on Friday night, I think around 10pm so of course the banks were closed. He was gone for a little while and when he came home he had a pack of gum, some gas in his car and 3 lottery tickets. Apparently he had to go to several different corners to get this cash and didn't want to look like an idiot buying gums so he came up with this plan. I was laughing. I hope we win, after all that. By the way I willl never do a garage sale again.

Kassidy thinking that Chandler has now turned into a Super Slueth!

I got my hair cut, this is doing nothing, I like it better when I straighten it. I've gotten half people not saying anything and the other half liking it so I'm assuming by not saying anything you have nothing nice to say, LOL.

Kassidy playing games on the computer.