I was tagged

Denise, I hope I'm doing this right. I'm supposed to post my fourth picture in my fourth folder on my computer...just some random picture I guess so here is mine. It's nothing interesting really, just a picture of part of our backyard when it was new. It looks really nice, nothing is overgrown, hehe.

So here is who I tag:
Jaime V
Jenny N

House arrest??

Ya, more like food arrest!! I got this Bodybugg through the gym and it counts my calories, monitors my steps, monitors my calories burned and I'm hoping to lose 40 pounds by July 2009. I just had my first weigh-in and my goal is to burn 1.38 pounds a week and I burned 2.8 WOOHOOOO! Can I just say I'm proud of myself? K, I'm proud of myself! The kicker is I am working out just as hard as I have been for the past almost year but the problem lies in what I eat but now I'm accountable for what I'm doing so it's working great for me :)


Don't underestimate a 2 year old

Danny's mom is here for a couple of weeks and joined us for Thanksgiving this year and she loves sushi so we took her to Hon Mochi and Kassidy and I ordered Teryaki chicken and rice. Kassidy decides she wants to use the chopsticks instead of a fork so...ok go for it! She did so good, she actually picked up her food and ate it, we were acting like dorks and clapping and making noise, it was so much fun to watch her! Of course I shouted, we need to take pictures so I can blog it! What a nerd I am.

She finished her plate (which is something she rarely does) and loved it :) I can't wait to go back.