Our feast

This is our feast of Thanksgiving. We had my cousin's family, his wife's parents and our neighbors from next door. We all got fat. Yummmmmmmm!


Kassidy and her kitten

This little kitten lets Kassidy do whatever she pleases with her, she's crazy. Here is an example:

Ice cream cone and donut

Cones and donuts - the simple pleasures...not so simple for Kassidy.

Can you imagine not being able to eat an ice cream cone and better yet, not tasting one until you are 4...almost 5 years old? I just found some gluten/wheat free cones so I bought some and was so excited for Kassidy to try ice cream in a cone! I filled the cone, gave it to her, she licked it up...she's never "licked" ice cream...and she got to the cone. Oh my gosh, the suspense was killing me, I really wanted to know what she thought of it, so she finally get to it and takes and bite and guess what...she didn't like it!!!! What? Serious? Wow, I was excited for nothing I guess. I was so sad she didn't like it, she said it tasted like nothing. WOW! Oh well, I guess I can save my money on $FIVE dollar cones and keep it in the cup.

I tried the cone, it's fine...so pooey on you Kassidy!

One more thing:

They do make gluten/wheat free donuts but I had never found them with the sprinkles on top. Kassidy LOVES sprinkles, she puts them on everything. I found sprinkle donuts ($6 for 6 of them) and she had one...she LOVES them.


Kassidy scores!

A GOAL!!! Kassidy scored her first goal at her soccer game today and she was jumping up and down after she did it, she is so proud of herself! lol. Way to go Kassidy :)

I also have to give a big shout out to her team, they ALL scored a goal today and Bubbas (a.k.a. Elias Jensen, lol) scored TWO goals and was so proud of himself also! It was such a fun game.