I lost blogs!

K, seriously, this is so stupid. I was just trying to add someone's blog and somehow deleted everyones! I got a few up that I found on other people's blogs but I still have friends that I can't find so please, if you are not on here please give me your blog address so I can put it back on so I can read them!


CA trip - Monday

Here's our Monday.

Kassidy wakes up with THE weirdest hairdo and face that I've ever seen and I was laughing so hard at her that I had to take a picture. She's gonna love me when I get older. We met up with a lady that I used to work with at WellPoint a few years ago, the job I had before moving to AZ. We went to lunch at Cheesecake Factory, walked the mall, went to the pet store, went to the play area, ate the most fabulous ice cream concoction and shopped a little. Then we went off to Target to look around and walk...needed it after that ice cream indulgence! We had a lot of fun with Carla :)

CA trip - Sunday

So today we skipped church, yes we did. We got up at around 10am and went out to the pool to relax. Kassidy is becoming a good swimmer and it was really nice to sit back and watch daddy and Kassidy swim around as I worked on my tan. Later in the day I met up with 2 friends that I haven't seen in 13 years! I'm so grateful right now for Facebook. I met up with my bestest friend that moved when we were around 13 and I got to see her while we were up in Oregon and then 2 more best buddies from Texaco where I used to work in Universal City, CA and haven't seen them in 12 years! I didn't even take a picture of us, dang it, but none of us have aged, lol, really though we all look exactly the same! It was so much fun, we sat at P.F. Changs, ate lunch and talked for 4 hours...I'm sure they were glad when we finally left and left them with butt imprints. Danny was hanging out with Kassidy and went to dinner and did a couple fun things together. Sunday was a kick back day and very relaxing.

p.s. i can't believe i just put up a picture of my legs!


CA trip - Saturday

Danny gets to go to California most every year for work (which happens to be where we grew up in the LA area and is free). It's always so fun to go back and see the beach, friends and get out of the AZ heat! I seriously don't miss CA drivers though, I'm scared driving here, I grip the wheel so hard I have to pry my fingers off when I stop the car to get out. I'm like a nervous old lady and I can't believe I used to be one of those crazy aggresive drivers but you have to be or your gonna get ran over! We got to stay this year at the Westlake Hyatt which is very nice and only 30 min. away from the beaches. I figured I would do a little blog every day so it doesn't take me 50 years to get them on here like our last trip that we just did. I wonder if Kassidy is getting sick of the car? lol. We had a great time at the beach today and hung out with daddy, Kassidy misses him! My phone camera does not take good pics but this is all I got, I'll have to remember to bring my camera next time.

Things we saw at the beach today:
- seagulls helping themselves to our snacks while we were having family frolicking (good word huh?) time in the water
- young guy probably in his late 30's with an older lady probably in her 70's laying together on the sand. she was seriously tore up wrinkly from the sun...and not to mention u.g.l.y.
- 2 young boogyboarders who didn't know how to boogy board
- feet/legs buried in the sand
- huge sand crab
- tons of seewead
- no cute lifeguards, just an old man
- porta potties lined up by the side of the road that we got to visit

A cool little place we found to play after dinner with a bunch of cute shops and restaurants
Kassidy taking a silly picture

If you are looking at these pics I hope you are jelous that we ate dinner outside.

View of the ocean, I absolutely love it and miss it!

I threw the seaweed at Kassidy and she shouts "mommy, I don't like you".

I have never seen a sandcrab this big.

Beach day!!!!

Kassidy making a wish at the fountain...hope you wished for something fabulous!

Seriously???? This was inside our room. We can go to the store and get it for $1.25

Well I guess THIS is a little better...not really

This is our view????


3 week road trip - part 4 (the end)

Finally, the last of my pictures :) This is at the beach house my sister and her husband's cousin rented that we were lucky enough to take advantage of and it was so much fun! The only sucky part was that it was cold pretty much the whole time so I didn't catch any suntan but I did enjoy being away from the AZ heat and actually using a hot tub at this time of year. Kassidy is a pretty cautious person so she's nervous to do things but when she saw the kids her age swimming and putting their heads under the water in the spa...well she had to show me she could do it to. I was so proud of her and since we've been home she has taken off in our swimming pool, and by that i mean she is swimming with her head under water and jumping off the sides and all sorts of things...without a life vest! We got to see some cool scenery though, the coast there is beautiful and very different from CA. The memories we have from this adventure are priceless and I can't wait to go again next year...i hope :)