Looking up what we climbed

WOW, what a hike!

My friend Esther, her friend from CA and I went hiking this past Saturday up Camelback mountain and HELLO that was a tough one. We hiked up one side and down the other but decided to do the hard part first and I am so glad we did cuz it was straight up for i think 1 1/2 miles with the total hike I believe at 3 miles. It was a 3 hour hike and it was exhausting but when you got to the top it was breathtaking! I haven't hiked since...I don't know when and I thought I was in decent shape from working out all the time, uh no. I'm so glad I did it and I love hanging out with Esther, she makes me laugh. Thanks for letting me join in with you and Angela :)
The pics posted above this are ones of the mountain where it was so steep that you can hold onto the rail to help you climb up or if you are going down, to help you down so you don't kill yourself! The side we hiked up was almost all rocks so it's like you were rock climbing.


The thinking of Danny

So Danny was entering all the stuff to file our taxes and he put it on hold until we got paid so he could pay it with our debit account instead of our credit card. I wanted to pay with our credit card and just get it done and over but here's the reasoning for the debit, which I just laughed at, but his thinking was in case we get another "stimulus" package then we will get it much faster than last year because we paid with credit card last year. Whatever Danny, we aren't getting another stimulus package and besides I don't want another one, it's stupid. Anyway, just wanted to share a story about Danny's brain. :)