Funny stuff


I got this from my sister and had to post it. I really like the Ellen show, she's really funny and this is great!

Somewhere over the rainbow

We came home this afternoon from shopping for our Thanksgiving meal and look what I saw!! This rainbow was so vivid and so pretty, even though my photo taking is VERY bad, this was amazing and the sky didn't look this ugly! And then there appeared 2 of them side by side. We could actually see both ends of the rainbow but I would have had to go down to the end of the street to get it because it was so big (mind you, it was still raining) and I wasn't about to do that just for my blog. Enjoy your Thanksgiving!


My impression of Twilight

Alrighty...so we went to see the movie on Fri. morning cuz my friends whimped out on going to the midnight showing. I've never read a book and then seen it done in a movie form so I have to say that there is no comparison. There is no way to portray what you have envisioned in your mind, because we all envision different things, unless you are the one who does the movie. By the end of the movie though I was wanting more of Edward and more of everything! I called my sister afterwards to talk to her about the movie because I couldn't hang out with my girlfriends after because Danny needed to go to work. I wanted to hang up on her because she totally bursted my happy bubble because she really didn't like it. I have heard others now say they liked it so now I feel better! Here are my thoughts:

* didn't really like Edward at first (his eyebrows are too bushy) but by the end I was in love with him (he has the perfect teeth for this role)
*Bella wasn't my fav. since she blinked too much and didn't talk with her mouth all the way open but she fit what I thought she might have looked like
*Cullen family was perfect, except the dad at first didn't work for me
*Jacob is perfect
*Charlie is not even close to what I pictured
*the Cullen's house was ok but the front porch wasn't what I pictured
*the meadow scene was a total letdown (I think that was my most anticipated moment that I was waiting for cuz I was so wondering how they would make him glow or be transparent and so beautiful). the way they did it did not make me think Edward was beautiful
*the scene in the dance studio was great, Bella really got into the roll and was great

Anyhoo, I can't wait for the next one!


Kassidy finally did it!!

YES Kassidy finally went pee pee in the potty and I'm so dang excited! A smart friend of mine was over this last weekend and suggested instead of just talking about what we would get her if she went to actually get it so she can see it so I did and almost a week later she couldn't stand the doll staring at her in the face and not to be able to hug it! So today she sat on her potty for at least 2 hours while I sat with her just in case she started going when she would take a break and stand up, LOL. I gave her lots to drink and we just watched cartoons. So here is Kassidy and her big Dora doll and I pray she continues so we don't have to spend any more money on the blasted diapers! YAH!!!!!!!!!!!


It's finally cool enough to wear pants!

Yes people, fall is beginning to happen over here in AZ land and I love it! It's cold at night and warms up to about 70 or so during the day (but supposed to be up to the 80's later this week), and so now we have to buy all new clothes for Kassidy because she only owns shorts, tank tops and sandles so...here are the first pant pictures of the season.


Our speedometers

Why do cars have speedometers that show it can go 160mph (and probably could) but we aren't allowed to go that fast? Why would the car manufacturers actually be allowed to have cars that go that fast so we are tempted to speed? Why not make the cars go no more than like 90mph because I am a speeder at times and like to go 90mph on my way to Vegas, CA or Utah when it's the open road so I think that's a good number. Danny was coming home from CA last week and decided he would see how good our Volvo handles at a high speed so he got it up to around 130mph and said it handled the same as the lower speeds and how easy it was to get it go go that fast! That sounds fun...for a second but really if we have speed limits then why temp us? Anyhoo, just a thought for the day.


Halloween time

Here are some pictures of our Halloween this year. We had friends come over and we joined our neighborhood potluck and then went trick or treating. We had so much fun and it was so cute so hear Kassidy go up and say the words "trick or treat" in her little soft voice :) The funny thing though is after about 5 minutes I was sweating like a pig in my leather jacket and I should have taken a picture of all the people because only in AZ do you trick or treat in short shorts and tank top! (ya, we were the only ones to dress up), whatever.

Expensive groceries

So there really isn't a good reason for this post but as we were grocery shopping today it seriously hit me how much we spend for gluten/wheat free products just so Kassidy can eat and not be sick. Here is an example of a few main things we keep around the house that we usually buy every month:

8 oz. box of animal cookies - $3.59
10 oz. box of honey cereal (compare to honey cheerios) - $4.99
4.5 oz. box of crackers (compare to Ritz) - $4.89
1 box of 6 crispy rice bars (compare to granola bars) - $3.79
23 oz. bag of pancake mix - $5.29
14 oz. bag of pretzels - $5.79
24 oz. (16 slices) of millet bread - $4.69 and if I make it myself it's 5 something.

Some of these prices may not be way higher but some of them are and this is just a sampling of the money we spend. No wonder we are in debt, hehe. So when you go shopping the next time just be thankful you can buy your kids crap like a 59 cent box of Mac & Cheese, a 99 cent loaf of bread, a 1.00 bag of spaghetti, etc.