You brought WHAT to the movies?

Seriously, we went to the movies last night for a "girls" movie night and I'm sitting next to my friend, who will remain nameless to protect her, and we are all eating our popcorn, candy and sodas and she gets into her purse and pulls out these healthy snacks and THEN asks us if we want some! What? Carrots and pea pods while we watch a movie? Where's the fattening dip? What else you got in there, some celery and peanut butter? I just started laughing...what else do you do eat some, nope.

P.S. I love you anyways friend, LOL.


Construction workers

K so we were on our way to Vegas today when we came across road construction. We come across the person standing along side the road who's holding the "slow" sign and we think hmmmm, how do you ask for a raise when you have that kind of job? You can't really say "hey I hold that sign really well" can I have a raise? So we were wondering if you had had to get promoted to like maybe the guy who rides on the car along side the road and pick up the cones? Would you get hazard pay cuz you could fall off trying to reach for the dumb things? Just wondering.


Catching rain

It is NOT summer yet so why has it been so warm? We've been in the high 70's low 80's for probably 2 weeks now and finally we are getting some rain and cooler weather! I'm so not ready for heat yet! So after church Kassidy wanted "drink" some rain so she stood outside and was catching rain on her tongue...so CUTE! (just a side note, she did not wear those shoes to church, we had already started to change when it started raining again).