How to save a buck

If anyone needs to make shorts just cut off the legs on the pants!! What a brilliant idea is what I thought when Danny suggested tonight to cut off Kassidy's "long pants" jammies to make them shorts since it's 150 million degrees in AZ! So here's the end product...homemade "shorts" jammies. :) Since she has like 20 pairs now we don't have to buy any!!



who couldn't love this precious face (I'm talking about Kassidy)!!! LOL. She looks so grown up :)

We took this picture last week before going to church. Did I ever tell you we don't go until 3pm!! Yes, we call it midnight mass, LOL.


The battle is on...

and who is going to win.

The girl in the left corner or the girl in the right corner?

...we shall see but it better be me!!

Everything is such a battle now with Kassidy that I think she's spending most of her days crying, throwing a fit or sitting in time out. She's 2 1/2 and won't take no for an answer and going shopping with her...oh boy, it's a chore. I am now resorting to bringing back her stroller when we go into places with no carts so she can spend time outs in there. She was pretty good and I felt kinda lucky and now all of a sudden terror child has come out! How do you deal? I don't know!


What does soda smell like?

Kassidy has never had a soda, sad I know, I'm such a mean mom.

So I'm pouring a soda to eat with my taquitos and she stands up on her chair and says "I wanna smell your soda".

She smells my soda and says "it smells good".

So Danny asks her "what does soda smell like?"

She looks at him for a second and replies "like soda".


Here's another one:

I gave her a popsicle after she ate dinner and I said to her "ok chickadee, pick a color".

So she says to me "i'm not chickadee I'm Kassdidy". (she can't pronounce her name yet without adding an extra d in there)