BUG cereal anyone?

BEWARE of this picture, it is VERY disturbing!! I was eating my cereal getting ready for church this morning and I went to take a scoop and almost peed my pants when I realized it was a BUG! Disgusting, Gross, Nasty, I can't believe I found this! I could have eaten that!


This must be where all our money goes

A girl's gotta have her shoes right? I didn't even realize how many though until I went into Kassidy's room to tell her to quit messing around and go to sleep. This is how I found all of her shoes, all lined up in a half circle, uh huh, that's my child. She loves to make lines with things, even her books she lines up and then walks on them like they are steps. So I thought it was pretty funny so I told her to sit in the middle and I was going to take a picture...and of course she had to pose :)

What's under YOUR couch?

So I'm downloading pics off my camera to post on my blog and low and behold I run across lots of pics that Kassidy apprently took all by herself...with my expensive camera! I guess it's bad mommy for leaving it out for her to use. Among the pics was this one of under our couch (or at least part of our couch) and it actually doesn't look too bad, just a lot of crumbs but no Kassidy toys, Chandler toys, hair things, brushes, plates, phones, or whatever else I've actually found under there before. So my question is...what's under your couch?? You might find some money or anything, something that you have long forgotten about until now and could be very important so you might want to go take a looksey and see what you find :)

Excuse me while I go vacuum!