Random things:

We got a new kitty and named it Twix. Kassidy cannot put the thing down!

This is how we found Kassidy sleeping one night...with her rings on.

Fun at Ross.


OH I make these boots look gooooood.

RIP Princessess

pretty girl


lazy sunday


You know you're old when...

you and your bff go shopping together for your meds.

p.s. notice the dog wants some too, lol.


Jesus toast

I'm confused, this is so weird! This company sells toasters that will burn the image of Jesus on it. So what's the purpose of Jesus toast? Wouldn't you feel weird biting off Jesus' head? Hmmmm, apparently this company also does toasters that burn a marijuana leaf on it. I guess there's a theme for every type of person. Seems like a really cool Christmas gift, NOT. Maybe I should order one for the next "white elephant" gift, that could be really funny!


Soccer game #1 - A BUST

This morning was the first soccer game! She's SO DANG CUTE with her little outfit on. Danny was pretty cute too with the BRIGHT LIME GREEN shirt. It was hilarious, when he went to go pick up the shirts he was dying when he saw the color because if there is any color on the planet that he despises it's BRIGHT LIME GREEN. hehehe

Here's a little background first. Kassidy had run a fever of 104 on Thurs. and around 101 on Fri. so I was really concerned and sad that she wouldn't be able to make her first game but as Fri. went along her fever broke and was fine the rest of the day so we figured she could come, dressed ready to play and if she felt good she could sub in for a few minutes at a time.

Danny wanted to be a the field a few minutes earlier so Kassidy and I came a little bit later but we were 5 min. late, not knowing it was gonna take us 15 min. to walk to the field! Geez, we'de never done this before so now I know! So when we got there the game should have already started, but go figure, we only had 2 players! Serious? Where was everyone? Why are you signed up for soccer and you aren't playing, especially the first game, and if you weren't gonna be there why didn't you let the coach know? So Danny's a little distraught that we may forfeit our very first game but hey, whatever I guess. So we started the game with 1 from the other team and then Kassidy and Luke. 5 min. later the other little girl showed up and at this point, to make matters worse, the coaches daughter (yes, that would be Kassidy) didn't want to play anymore so she decides to walk off the field. Luckily Ria had joined us now so the game was then played by Luke, Ria and the other teams teammate. I'm so glad they were nice to do that so they could at least have some fun! Meanwhile I'm over on the sidelines trying to get Kassidy to go play and she refuses, saying she's embarrased. K, I've gone through this before when I've signed her up for a dance class but this time I'm embarrased and mad because she's letting down the team and these poor little things are hot! At the half point we decide to take out a kid and just go plop Kassidy down in the middle of the field and she can just stand there. I told her if you don't want to kick the ball then fine, if you want to, then fine, just be in there so Ria can take a break. That's what she did...just stood there until Danny finally kicked her off and put Ria back in for the last little bit. The kids did so good and it was so fun to watch! I really hope Kassidy wants to join in next Sat. or else she's gonna pay me back my money and I'll have no shame to put that little girl to work, so please if you come by our house next Sat. and she's mowing the lawn, trimming the trees, putting up Christmas lights, don't call CPS, I've got it under control!

Labor Day fun

This year for Labor Day Ben and his family came over. We went swimming, tossed water balloons, ate, ran around like crazies, painted rocks, ate, swam, ate, ate...you get the idea. It was so much fun to see them, we haven't seen them in a while, thanks guys for inviting yourselves over or we would have been bored! LOL.

Swimming and Soccer

Kassidy is taking swimming lessons on Saturdays and is doing so well. She went from being scared to put her face into the water to jumping off of our rock waterfall! We also just signed her up for soccer. Daddy is the coach. Soccer practice is on Thursday nights and 2 of her friends are on her team, the other 2 are boys that we don't know but knowing her, she will make them her friends!


when i'm not looking

Kassidy thought she was hilarious when she showed me these:


I feel loved!

This is what the young women did to my house on Tues. night. They decided that I (and a couple of other women) were going to be heartattacked. I love the girls and have been very grateful to be able to teach them, play with them, cry with them, laugh with them and serve them over the past several years and I miss them terribly! Thank you girls for making me feel loved!