Who is Kassidy?

K I totally stole this idea from Danika's blog so thank you Danika for this little bit of fun, it will be so cool to read it later when she's older :)

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Number: 4

Favorite Drink: lemonade

Favorite Food: taco bell taco

Favorite Game: hide and seek

Favorite Animal: dogs and kitties

Favorite TV Show: wow wow wubzy

I feel sad when: i don't get to help you

I feel mad when: someone forgets that my toys are mine and they take them

I like it when my friends: play with me

I like it when my teacher: says "let's do your show and tell" (at preschool)

I like it when I: have mommy read stories to me

I am good at: staying in the lines when i'm coloring

I wish I could: be a real princess with a crown and ball gown and pretty shoes and a necklace

Who is your best friend? isabella and my brown friend at the gym

What makes you laugh? when someone tells jokes to me

What is your favorite movie? princess and the frog that we saw at the movie theatre

What are you most afraid of? loud things

What is your favorite song? i don't actually know, maybe poker face and mad world

What makes you really angry? that i don't like anyone taking my special toys

What is your favorite activity? play games on computer

What do you want to be when you grow up? a payer at target that goes ding ding and i hand them their stuff (she means checker)

Do you think it would be hard to be a mom or a dad? ya

Why? cuz i just want to stay like a little girl and play with my toys

If you could have a magical power, what would you choose? to make a coin disappear

What three things are you are good at? making new friends, staying in lines when i color, painting

What is the best thing about being four? cuz when i'm done with dinner i can just get up like this and go play (we did this while eating dinner)

I am special because: i have great ideas


We have a whistler

and she won't stop! She's been trying to whistle for like a year now and she has finally figured it out, I'm so proud of her! Apparently she needed to let all the primary kids see that she could whistle because she did it for like 5 min. last sunday and they had to make her stop. Way to go Kassidy :)


Adventures at Hobby Lobby

So today a friend brought me to Hobby Lobby and can I say, I LOVE that store! Dang, they have such cool stuff and you can browse for like 24 hours I swear!

Today wasn't a great day though for Kassidy, she was honry all day long. Some of the things that happened today:

a. we see a short older lady looking at beads and she says to me, "mommy you are taller than that lady and she is old"

b. we are standing in line to pay and a man backs up to get into another line and his hair is gray, long and in a ponytal and kassidy says, "mommy that guy has a ponytail...that's weird".

c. as I am paying she decides to throw a fit because she wanted the hello kitty book she got and I would'nt give it to her yet. she starts hitting me all the way out of the store and screaming, getting worse, because now I tell her she lost it until tomorrow!

I know there were more things that happened today but now I just can't think of any more that are worth telling.

So on another note, kids call things how they are. I'm not mad when she says things like what happened in example a or b above or things like "i hope my black friend is at the gym today" because I don't want to put prejudeces in her mind (is my thought) but I'm always concerned about what those people are thinking when she says innocent stuff like that. I hope they don't think she is mean, come on she's 4, but I do tell her later that maybe part of what she said was not ok, like that the ponytail was weird. I know that when she gets a little older I can explain things in a little more detail if she continues to say things like these because at age 12 I think those people would really be offended, lol.

I hope tomorrow is a better day :)