Happy birthday to me

I woke up to this outside our house this morning...

Even my neighbor friend had to stop to see what the heck was going on! Do you know how many people have seen this by now, it was 9:30am when I saw it!
This is what took place this morning. It's 9:30am and I'm still in bed, I hear the doorbell and Danny comes in to bring me a present that a friend dropped off. He then tells me I need to go outside and look at our house and Kassidy is yelling "you have to see mommy, it's a surprise" and she's all excited. I'm like, what the heck is going on and why do I need to go outside? Danny just keeps telling me I gotta see something so now I'm thinking, crap, someone did something to our house and I'm getting a little frightned cuz we've had kids vandalize our neighborhood and do stuff to our house. I open the door and I see bras strung across the driveway! What the heck is going on? I start walking and kinda giggling and Danny says "oh it gets better". So I turn the corner down the driveway and WOW I see all kinds of things all over the front of the house! I just started busting up and starring at this crazy sight! I couldn't stop laughing and starring.
Then later as my friend and I were sitting in my driveway coming home from lunch a car stopped to read the sign that I left up so we started laughing!
I have the GREATEST friends on this earth and I have not been able to stop laughing all day every time I think of this! Apparently there are so many people involved that I keep hearing about and it makes me laugh even harder. The donation of bras alone is so dang funny...thank you to all who made my bday THE BEST this morning! I was hoping some of the cute bras even fit but none do so watch out to whoever turns 40 next...you may have some "support" hanging out at your house :)


Kassidy and Chase

Kassidy and Chase are good friends but they haven't played together in a little bit so we went over to his house Friday. Mary decided to have Kassidy try riding Chase's motorized car since grandma wants to get her one for Christmas but she's been scared to even be near it. She was nervous at first but then we got her in with Chase driving. The only stipulation for Chase though was to keep it slow and not go fast. Ya, tell a kid who isn't scared to go fast to go slow, didn't work very well but at times he was a good sport about it. So here they are driving around like 2 little lovebirds enjoying the open air of the Hummer. By the end of the ride Kassidy was doing really good until Chase tried to ask again if he could go fast and we still said no and this time it made him cry, which then made Kassidy cry so I'm like whatever, keep going Chase, Kassidy will get over it. We were laughing (and of course I had to take a picture to blog) it was so comical as Chase was driving through his tears with Kassidy joining along side of him. The picture of them facing us is the crying one but you can't even tell dang it! It would have been even funnier if you could see the tears!
p.s. I didn't leave her in there for long, I felt bad cuz she wouldn't stop.