Kassidy...before and after

K, so I've been thinking about posting some before and after pics of Kassidy when she was first diagnosed with Celiac Disease but struggled with it because I didn't want to do it for sympathy or to gross anyone out (cuz you know she looks gross here) but I decided to do it because I know alot of my friends in our current ward didn't know us before and as I've tried to describe Kassidy and what she looked like I can't do it justice, you just have to see pics. We have done a very good job with trying to keep her healthy and making sure her diet doesn't include wheat or gluten and she herself has done a great job because we have made her aware of what she can't eat from the beginning. We just got her results from her blood test and at 18 months her numbers were reading greater than 100 (which is very bad) to now reading at 33. The range of numbers they use is from 30 to 250 so as you can see she is on the lowest end of normal range and I couldn't be happier! She couldn't be happier, lol, she was so not a happy child back then! This is something she will never grow out of, she will struggle with it her entire life but thankfully some yummy things have come out in the last 2 1/2 years!

So starting at the bottom (cuz i can't fix it) the first picture is at 1 year old (she's chubby and healthy looking), the second and third pictures are only 6 months later at 18 months (which is when she was diagnosed, she went down to 15 pounds). The fourth picture is only 2 months later from eating wheat/gluten free food and as you can see it's a HUGE improvement just in 2 months! The last one is obviously current, it was taken last summer.


Kassidy's first teeth cleaning

She did so good, I'm so proud of her! She had her first "happy visit" a little while ago where she met the dentist and just counted teeth and this was now her first cleaning. Besides gripping the side handles of the seat she was very brave and did everything they told her to do :) She kept trying to close her little mouth and the girl kept having to say "open wide". I did have an "i'm not a good parent" moment because they told me that she needed to floss better and showed me the crap they took out of her teeth...so...we better start flossing because we actually never have, didn't even think about doing that with a 4 year old.

Good job Kassidy, I'm very proud of you :)