What do 15 women do for fun?

Alrighty, where do I start?
I guess it starts with a friend who wanted to do a 10K up in Pinetop AZ where she is from and got a whole bunch of friends to join her. I was one of them. Mind you the first run I ever did was a 4.2 Pat Tilman run back in April. So of course I wanted to take on the challenge and was excited. We all headed up on Fri. afternoon to her house that they still have there. It's a small mountain town where there are no malls or anything like that and so she was excited for all of her friends to come and see what her life used to be like before she moved to the big "city" of Chandler. We slept all over the place in beds, cots and air mattresses, didn't get much sleep, and woke up at 6:15 Sat. morning and headed to the starting line.

Tiffany was explaining the course to us and every time she would talk about it, it got worse so I really wasn't sure if she was lying so when we got there it would seem easy or that what she was saying was really true and this was gonna be hard! We started off and went up a hill, only a little hill, but our hearts felt like they were coming out of our chest. Seriously, the altitude was a killer! K, so the run was so hard, Tiffany was right, there were hills! Not HILL, HILLSSSSSS. I so wish I could have taken pictures of them! By about mile 4.5 my right leg muscle in the back of my knee was killing me and I finally had to walk. I was so bummed I wanted to cry! It was a nice excuse though to power walk up those huge hills. So for the next couple miles I would run, walk, run, walk. I made it to the finish in 1 hour and 15 minutes and ran through flats, hills, a dead skunk, car exhaust, pretty scenery and watching everyone's backsides wishing someone was watching mine! Well, technically I wasn't the last person but when there is only like 50 of you running that doesn't leave a lot of room to be closer to the front unless I could have ran the whole thing. Maybe next year.

After the run we all went to breakfast and had the most delicious food. It was so good some of us couldn't get enough, LOL.

I want to do it again, I accomplished something I never thought I would and if it wasn't for my stupid leg I would hope to think I would have ran the whole thing and not stopped to walk. Thank you Tiffany for letting us use your house and getting us all together for some fun!

P.S. On a side note, I went to step class this morning and was commenting to my friend "man this is easy compared to what I just did"! I kept thinking to myself if I can do a 6.2 mile run up and down hills in high altitude, I surely can do a step class!


Our camping trip

We went on our first camping trip as a family with a bunch of families in the neighborhood and we had a blast! We went to Mt. Lemmon in Tucson and it was the best place. It was so clean and had a ramada that was in the middle of all the campsites with bbqs, running water, lights, outlets and a fire pit. We also had a bathroom that had air freshners in it. I totally should have taken a picture of the guy who runs the place because he was "old man drunk". You could smell the alcohol on his breath but who can blame him, what else are you gonna do? He kept the place so clean and emptied our trashes at the Ramada like 3 times a day. There was a total of 11 families (25 kids). We had to put 2 families per tent site. This was a first for our family because Danny doesn't like to tent camp so I was a little nervous to see if he would like it or not but turns out he had fun. We borrowed a friends tent and another friends sleeping bag and mats because those things we didn't have and I'm so grateful to them. We left Fri. morning and came back Sun. morning. We hung out and ate, talked, sat around the fire, made smores, went fishing, drove to the small ski town and hiked. The kids had so much fun running footloose and fancy free with no care in the world and no rules! I did have a scary but proud moment when one of the girls runs up to me telling me Kassidy just climbed the mountain. I ran after her, up the mountain to find other kids and a dad on the top. (I'm a loser, I didn't take a picture of the mountain). They were making a fort with branches, leaves, flowers and moss. She saw the big kids go up so she decided she wanted to go and went up by HERSELF with flip flops, yes, that's what freaked me out!!! Then I was proud of her :) No one could believe that she had done that! Another adventure was fishing. She tried fishing really liked it. We didn't catch any so that was disapointing. We did however have a threat of a rainstorm while we were out. There were dark clouds and lots of thunder and we were actually wanting it to rain...but it never did...I think that would have been so fun. It was really nice to be away from home, in cooler weather, having friends to play with all day and just relax and not have TV or toys and just enjoy the outdoors. I can't wait for our next camping trip.

Farting in the bath


Kassidy was cracking up at this video so I thought I would share the sick minds of the McBurneys.


Kassidy's 1st day of school...ever

Today was the BIG day, Kassidy went to pre-school for the very first time! She wasn't even sad when I left :) She asked me if I stay and I said nope, mommy's don't go to school with their kids and she was ok with that. I wasn't sad when I dropped her off like I've heard from other mothers but I was worried, worried for the teacher, hehe. I hoped Kassidy was good, that she obeyed and was nice and shared with other kids. I was so happy to see her in class, it was going to be so fun for her! She is going 3 days a week for 2 hours which means I get to do stuff by myself...yipee!

I went to pick her up and the teacher asked me to stay so she can talk to me for a minute. Ah oh! Yep, she tells me that every activity that the teacher said they were going to do next, Kassidy "no" to or "i don't want to do that" so I have to talk to her now and find out why she was saying that and to figure out how to fix that...by the way...any suggestions would be fabulous :)

Kassidy tells me on the way home that she did her homework at class to which I respond oh really, I think homework means you do it at home so let's go do this paper when we get home. She doesn't really have homework but she didn't finish her paper where they learned the number 1 so we did that as homework, she was so excited! She has seen other kids do homework because I picked up 3 kids after school for a while and started them on their homework so now Kassidy feels like a real school girl, it's SO CUTE!

So off to school on Wed. and I hope it's a better day of listening!


Kassidy's crushes

Kassidy is crushing on 2 boys at church...

Levi - who is 13
Jake - who is 12

She's only 3 1/2! YIKES. She even gets embarrased when she sees them and pretends that Levi calls her on her princess phone.

Why do I always get lost?

Our friends invited us to go to Bartlett Lake for Labor Day and since we've never been there I had to get directions from the internet. I went to yahoo maps and printed them off and we were on our way...a 2 1/2 hour drive...not too excited about that but whatever. So we take off and about 45 min. into the trip our friends call to see where we are at and apparently we were taking the LONG way. He told us the way to get there from where we were but then the highway he told us to take dead ended! Well crap, where do we go now? He had no idea so we backtracked and found a gas station and she told us we were pretty much around the corner from the lake, just need to go about 20 more miles so we did and finally ended up there. So on our way back we decide to take the right way home and it only took us an hour at the most...yah the trip up there took us over 2 HOURS! I'm so mad at that stupid yahoo maps for making us do u-turns and getting us lost, but it always seems to happen to me! We had a good time though, Kassidy loved to play in the water with the kids and she would just go up to other kids and start playing with them. We got to jump off rocks, see fish, eat good food and also see a thunder storm roll in. Loved it!


Forget something???

When you leave a house and put it up for sale some things should NEVER be left behind...case in point...