Self explanatory

Kassidy - why do you wear makeup?
Me - so i can look pretty
Kassidy - i want to wear makeup (she was even using the eyeshadow brush)

A little bit of Hawaii

So our friends just did a recent trip to Hawaii and she was so nice and brought me back some handmade soaps. They smell so good and now I feel like I'm in Hawaii, and of course that's as good as it will get cuz I'm not about to fly there! Thank you Jaime!


Out of control child

K, since I got so much help on my last dilema I thought I would try it again :) Here's my trouble. Kassidy was sent to a time out yesterday to her room and she was so mad that she started throwing toys out of her room and if I was standing in the doorway...I got hit! When she has a temper tantrum she will start throwing things that she can get her hands on and since we just recently put some of her toys in her room she started throwing them yesterday. So what am I supposed to do to get her to stop? Well my thought was to get the trash can and throw the things away that she threw out to me but as I was doing it she didn't care and I was watching money go down the drain! Does she even understand what I was doing? Maybe not but I thought so since she's going to be 3 in a couple of months. So, has anyone experienced this before and what did you do? I can't believe she can get so mad sometimes! I better watch out huh?


Fun with legos

Our next door neighbors bought some legos for Kassidy when she comes over (actually the husband is a secret lego lover) and we went over to play and this is what Kassidy likes to build, really tall things that fall over :) Hmmm....I wonder who had more fun?


Homemade pie

My cousin's wife called me the other day that she had ordered a bunch of apples and they were going bad so I needed to come over and make pies with her. Well you didn't have to ask me twice, I was all over that! So I take out my frozen pie crusts to bring over and they had expired the beginning of this year so I was upset cuz now I had to go buy one. I stopped at the store and found 2 frozen ones and was going to have to pay almost $4.00 for them but I was in a hurry and just needed to get it. On my way to the checkout stand low and behold I see a basket full of clearenced goodies and in there was a whole bunch of boxed pie crust marked down to .61 cents!!! I couldn't believe it, I should have bought all of them so I can make all my friends pies...but I didn't. So here is a picture of the pie I made, they came out so yummy!


Kid fun

We recently took a "field trip" to the newly opened Phoenix Childrens Museum with the Daltons and it was a pretty amazing place. It's an old school turned into a museum of play. It's 3 levels and has all kinds of different rooms to go to with activities. They also have a craft room where you can do crafts and paint. Here are some pictures of our fun so enjoy...


Reincarnation for Kassidy

So here's our conversation this morning as she and our dog are outside playing:

Kassidy - "what's Chandler doing?"
Me - "he's eating a plant"
Kassidy - "ah oh. i don't eat plants, only Chanlder"
Me - "yes you're right but he can eat that one cuz I don't like that plant"
Kassidy - "if I turn into a dog I can eat weeds"
Me - "yes you certainly can, if you turn into a dog"
Kassidy - she smiles