So I'm sitting here doing my last post and Danny and Kassidy are playing blocks and she wants to do things we do so she starts copying Danny. Here's the finished look :)

The reason for girls

Kassidy is not a girly girl. She doesn't wear bows and frills and all that stuff, but she does wear pink. I wanted to paint her toes yesterday but she wouldn't let me so I decided that mine needed to be done so as I was doing mine she came in and said, what you doing mommy? I said, I'm painting my toe nails do you want me to do yours? She said yes and sat down and stuck her feet out. So she looked through the basket of all my colors and picked out a blue color that was in a bear holder and that's what she wanted. What I want to say is that I was so happy to sit and paint her toes cuz it was so much fun! That's one of the reasons that I thought would be so fun if I had a little girl :) So here is the finished product. Of course I'm not claiming to be a manicurist, just take a look, LOL, but it is so cute and I just stare at her toes as she runs around! I love it :)


Lifes "funnies"

For Thanksgiving 2006 we decided to have a big feast and invite family and friends over to eat. One of my sisters came all the way from Vegas. So we got up early to start the bird and all the good stuff and while Danny was doing preparations the faucet decided it would stop working and just leak everywhere. I couldn't believe it, of all days for something like this to happen, this would be the day and of course no stores are open so we did what we needed to do. Danny had to prepare the bird in the bathroom where we had running water. This is our bathtub in our master that became our "sink" for the day :) So how in the world do you wash dishes with food caked on them bending over your tub...especially when you don't have a garbage disposal hooked to it. Do you think we should mention there may be turkey dinner stuck in our pipes to our prospective buyers? We did rounds of dishes all day long!! All we could do is laugh and take pictures.

What were you thinking mom and dad??

When Kassidy was 11 months old we decided to be cruel parents and try her out on the merry go round at the zoo...ya, the pictures say it all!!! Will it hurt bad if I jump off this thing??




A right choice in a bad situation

K, we were at the mall tonight playing and then went and had ice cream and as we were sitting there enjoying our ice cream I saw a pregnant teenager walk by and of course my first thought is, wow, there's another one, what was she thinking? Ummm, they weren't thinking, that's the problem. They have their whole childhood gone and have to be a grown up now to take care of this child they are carrying. I'm sure I'm not the only one that's ever looked at a pregnant teenager and thought how stupid and/or how sad is that. But...if you think about it, cuz I did when I was sitting there, she actually made a good choice and that is to go through with the pregnancy instead of the alternative and for that I am proud of her. Not that I agree with or am proud of her carelessness but she did make the right choice to go through the pregnancy and bring the precious new life into the world. Who knows if this girl that I saw will decide to keep her baby or give it up for adoption but I'm proud of her for making the right decision to have it.


Remember our dog Cy?

Our dog Cy went missing on Halloween night last year. We don't know how he got out of the yard but he did and was missing for about 24 hours. We decided to put up posters in ours and our surrounding neighborhoods in hopes to find him. About 4pm the next day we received a phone call that a lady saw our dog in the next development over so we all got in the car and went looking...couldn't find him. It was getting dark and we had looked that night after we got home and all day this next day and in talking with a friend she suggested (actually she told me) that we were going to take her big spotlight and go look for him. We started driving around on the main street a little ways from our house and she suggested we go behind the gymnastics building because there were open fields and a water hole and maybe he got back there. As we were driving on the road that let out of behind the building her spotlight died so we sat there for a minute trying to figure out what happened and to see how to get it to work again. It started working so we started driving again and came to the main road where I was going to make a right hand turn. I was waiting for a break in the cars (this was around 7pm so it was dark) and all of a sudden Jaime sees Cy and yells, "there he is" and in that split second as I turned to the left to look he got hit by a car! Oh my gosh, that was one big dust ball and I couldn't believe that just happened in front of our eyes! So we left the car and ran to him and the stupid idot that hit him didn't even stop and neither did anyone else for that matter! I went over to him and looked at his tag to make sure it was him and it was. About that time someone had stopped and it happened to be a guy from our ward. I called Danny and told him what happened so Jaime and I took him to the emergency vet and got xrays and pain meds. Danny finally got there and after doing the xrays to find out the damage, it was really bad so we had to put him to sleep. K, I've never had to do that before and that was the hardest thing to see and decision to make. But you know what, I'm so glad that Jaime and I were there to get him and I realize, again, heavenly father watches over us and put Jaime and I there where we needed to be to take care of him and see him so we would never wonder what ever happened to him and be haunted by dogs barking thinking...I wonder if that's him. We do have another dog, a boxer, same breed and he is so cute. We named him Chandler.

Celiac Disease

When Kassidy was born she was a normal healthy child but as time went we starting inroducing solid foods. She loved all the things kids love, mac and cheese, teddy grahms, yogurt, cookies, pancakes, waffles, corn dogs, etc. By the time she was 1 1/2 she had lost weight, muscle and was gassy, cranky and bloated. We kept taking her to the dr. because she wasn't looking right to me and he kept saying to put her on a high fat diet. Nothing worked! So to make a long story short, a couple at church has a daughter with Celiac Disease which is an intolerance to wheat and gluten and the mother decided to tell me that they think Kassidy may have the same thing so I took her to another dr. and asked her to run this blood test for Celiac. She did and Kassidy came back with a severe case of wheat/gluten intolerance. So...after 3 days of putting her on a strict diet she began to feel/look and act better. It's amazing how good she is growing now and how sad it is to look back on pictures of her and not know what was happening to her poor little body. Since this intolerance is very high for her we have to use all seperate condiments, different toaster so as not to contaminate anything with our stuff. We have to shop for gluten/wheat free food so that means we can't just go to McDonalds and pick up some nuggets (lol). We have to make sure she does NOT get wheat/gluten and this also goes for lotions, shampoos, medications, you name it!! We never know the things that can happen to us and it helps to talk about it so others know. It's amazing how many people have allergies and it makes me wonder what the heck is in our food and environment these days.

Our first house - not condo

So when we moved to Arizona we were able to buy a house, a real house, not a condo and now we are selling it...so sad! We have decided that we are going to buy another house but not as expensive so we can keep up with our lavish lifestyle. No, not really, but we would like to not be house poor and with me not bringing in an income we really need to downsize a little bit. If you know of anyone who wants to move to Arizona...we have just the house for them!! LOL


I need to blog with you all

K, since it is so much fun to see people and find out what's up in their lives, I have decided to do one of these. I hope you enjoy my stories and pictures :) I'm in the process of figuring out this whole thing so bear with me, should be fun!