Flash me I'm 18

YES, that's what it says on the back of this car!

I'm just driving merrily down Gilbert Rd. today when I see this in front of me and as I'm cracking up saying this out loud I think, hmmm, need to take a picture so I can blog! I just can't believe they put this on the car but I guess it's not a very nice car anyway so why not advertise on it? AND I didn't get a look to see if it was a boy or a girl, oh well.


It's official....

I have now lost 34.8 pounds, gone down 3 sizes and lost a whopping 25.7 inches in 6 months!!! (so in essence I've lost my daugter, hehe). Woohoo for me and thank you Bodybugg, I love you but I can't wait to part ways, hopefully in 1 more month yah!!



If anyone's in the market for a bluetooth, here's a great idea that will save you tons of money...so if you see me walking around with my new "ghetto bluetooth" please don't laugh.