Gotta love the 80's

I just love looking through old pictures of others and myself and I decided to dig up my yearbook from high school and post some pics on Facebook for friends to see. These pictures are hilarious! These are all from 1986. First of all I guess I forgot that the "flock of seagulls" went to my school and then if you look closely at the group of girls you will notice their stylish pants with the socks over them, ya that was so one of my favorite things to do and so cool!! The last one is for you to guess which one is me and I'll give you a prize, no just kidding, but it should be really easy. I'm so embarrased but I'm laughing at the same time!


you want to what??

We got out of the gym today and it's so humid here because of the monsoons. So we are getting in the car and if I wasn't sweaty enough already, now I'm dripping in it.
So I say to Kassidy, hurry up and get in the car, i'm sweating and so are you.
so she gets up on the edge of the car and says,
"i want to feel sweat".
so i say alrighty then and she gives me a big hug.
Nasty is all i can say!


At the expense of a little girl...

I guess this is what happens when daddys get bored and they have little girls (or at least Kassidy's daddy)! I'm sitting here posting the last one and Kassidy comes over to show me what daddy did and I just start busting up and of course have to take a picture to show you what just happend over here! Danny does not want this posted cuz it's wrong in the first place but I have to cuz it's hilarious and shows us how sick he is :) He's the jokster of the house.

P.S. they are balloons

We've got an audience

Kassidy is watching Little Bill and apparently her hello kitty sisters told her they wanted to watch also so this is what we watched her do, now they can all watch together!


Josh Groban and Sarah Brightman

I love Sarah and this is a great performance with Josh. I would love to be able to sing like this, maybe in another life, lol. Enjoy :)


Bathtub dancer

This is one of Kassidy's favorite songs that she loves to dance to.