Self portraits

This is what happens when you give a 4 year old your camera phone in the back seat of your car and you aren't paying attention...


Where is my hair?

We love Kassidy's long hair

Kassidy doesn't like her hair brushed because of knots

Kassidy cut part of her hair on one side

I've been dealing with it by putting it up in the front saying it will grow out

Mommy and Daddy go get Kassidy's hair cut

Kassidy says "where is my hair" and I say "it'll grow back".


Happy V Day

Making gluten free cookies...

Gluten free cookies not turning out very well...

We woke up to this, this morning...

Oh what do you do in the winter time

Play in the water of course...


Jock strap man-maids...WHAT?

Man-Maids Remove More Than Just Stains MyFoxHouston.com

I actually just saw this on the news right now about "man maids" who wear jock straps while cleaning your house! Click on the link under the title of my post. This is so funny I had to post it. They do it here in AZ too. Would you pay?