I cried already

Danny and I took Kassidy to register for Kindergarten and all was fine. We met with a lady there and filled out all the paperwork and wala, it's done. Kassidy is SO excited to ride the bus to school and told me I couldn't take her. She can't wait to start Kindergarten with all her friends. So we are walking to the car and I'm feeling myself getting a little emotional and I'm like, serious? I'm not gonna cry, this is crazy! So I call my little sister and tell her I just registered her and we are talking and all of a sudden I just start crying, yes, I couldn't hold it back and Danny is looking at me and says, why are you crying and I respond with I don't know! But I better stop since I'm driving the car. WOW, if that is what happens...look out at the bus stop when she goes the first day!!!

I love you Kassidy!! xoxo