I'm glad this isn't the only ice cream scooper we have! This is my friend's doing...she's stronger than she thinks :)

And on another note, I'm kind of embarrased, I bought this hairspray the other night at Bashas cuz I was in desperate need of some and I go to use it Sunday morning and the dumb thing won't spray. Both Danny and I try and you have to use both hands for it to come out, well, that's dumb so I take it in today to customer service and ask if I can just get one that works. The guy tries it for himself and WHAT DO YOU KNOW, the dumb thing worked! He's like, you just need to push it down toward the front not the back and he kind of laughs. So I laugh and grab the bottle and say "well, I'll be off with my hairspray then, never mind" as I'm trying not to look at him in the face.


Our California adventure

Danny had to go to California for 3 weeks on a work project so of course that is our opportunity to go on a mini vacation and not have to pay for a hotel or food PLUS we get to go back where we moved from and see friends and most importantly, sorry friends, the beach, woohoo!!!! We had so much fun seeing old friends at church, spending days with my bestest friend at our hotel pool, then her pool, then the beach, seeing grandma and uncle Brian and aunt Stacy, pedicures, visiting a dear friend who has brain cancer and visiting another dear friend who is getting married...so much to do and so little time!

The trip started out pretty frustrating. We got a later start that I had hoped for and we still had to drop off the dog at the boarding place and when we got there the stupid thing wouldn't get out of the car and so after we get back into the car I rearrange and then go to get the dvd player ready and I can't find the stupid plug thing for the car so of course then the player isn't going to work! So I call Danny freaking out cuz I aint about to drive 6+ hours with a little girl who has no movies to watch and I'm far enough away from home to go back and find out it's not there either SO we just stop at Best Buy in Avondale (cuz that's where we got the player) and they don't have it so the guy gives me a generic one...GREAT...let's be off. Get back in the car and decide to pull over before getting on the freeway to hook it all up to get ready when she wants it and seriously, that stupid thing doesn't work. So holy crap now I'm NOT going back into that store so I guess I'm gonna cry all the way to CA and hope I don't get into an accident cuz I can't see through all my tears! I can't even tell you, Kassidy did so good, played with her dolls, her giant sticker book and I was so happy that she seriously got a toy the next day! Here's the kicker...Danny finds the car thing to the dvd player in my car...whatever!!

So here are a bunch of pics. Who would have thought you could cram an SUV full of beach stuff into a Volvo...we did and I had to take a picture of it, we were cracking up. What you don't see is a boogy board and blankets. So as I'm lifting up the cooler it tears apart and it has our drinks and stuff, oh well, let's just put it in sideways so it doesn't spill.

Can't wait to go back to California, I love all my friends and of course the beach :)


What to do on a Saturday

We had a lazy fun day on Saturday just cooling off in the pool all afternoon and having a bbq...just us. There were so many things on our list to do since Danny has been gone for 3 weeks in CA but did we choose to do them? NOPE and I didn't even care, what a concept!