If there is one thing that Kassidy loves to do it's socialize and here are a few of her buddies.


Picture this...

1 dog crate
1 kitten
1 tea party supplies
1 little girl
a few books and stuffed animals

and you get...Kassidy reading stories and having a tea party with her kitten Twix. She is pretending to be the kitty's mother and it's cracking me up! Ok, so as I'm typing this she tells the kitty it's time for bed and that she's gonna say a prayer...and she totally does, this is way too funny! I guess this is what you get when you only have 1 child, lol.

New gadget

I got the Magic Bullet a couple weeks ago and I don't know what I did without it...oh ya, I used the huge blender and had to clean it everyday...along with a cup! This is 1 step to blend and drink from and all I have to do is stick the cup in the dishwasher (i got 4 more) and rinse off the blade, that easy. This thing is awesome and really powerful. I recommend getting one.