Kassidy's first sleepover

Kassidy was so excited to have her first sleepover last night she was jumping out of her skin! This girl has wanted to have one forever so when our neighbor friend Crissy and Rachel invited her for a Saturday night sleepover I really couldn't say no. I just figured, no biggie we'll just pick her up around 7am to get to church by 8:30am but then we figured that since Danny was leaving for CA again Sunday then we'll just let her sleep in a little, I would head to church by myself and then when Danny left he would drop her off in time for Primary...great plan!

Saturday morning came, Kassidy was on our bed at 8am just staring at us and we asked her what's up and she gave us this look like, hello???? and then proceeded to say, "when am I going to my sleepover, I want to go now". Ummm not yet girlfriend, it's later today around dinner. So needless to say she kept asking all day when it was time to go, it was so cute! As Saturday morning went on Danny and I were planning what to do with all this free time and decided that Kassidy and I would ditch church so Danny and I could just be out all night and me not to have to worry about getting up early so I got a sub for my class and I was excited...just like Kassidy. 4pm came and Crissy came over with her 2 girls, the older girl's friend and their bikes to pick up Kassidy and away they went around the corner with Kassidy waving at us and probably saying "peace out parents". Danny and I left right after that and were in bed by 2am Sunday morning...that was weird and so fun. We actually ran into 2 different families from church in our excursions and they all asked "where was the little one" and of course with big smiles we said she was at her first sleepover and, I have to tell you, they were a bit jelous, hehe. Kassidy did so great, Crissy sent me a text with a picture of them with popcorn and a movie and I think they got to bed around 11pm. I put my cell by my bed just in case and what do you know...4:43am I got a call that Kassidy wanted to come home (we really thought she would make it the whole night) so I drove over and picked her up and we all slept in until 10am! I guess the reason why she woke up was that Rachel had accidently taken off Kassidy's blanket so Kassidy got cold, hehe. We all thought she got scared...but really who knows the true story and it doesn't matter, she wanted to come home. That's ok, she did so good for her first time and we can't wait to have Rachel over to sleep at our house :)

Thank you guys for making a little 5 year old dream come true!


Underwear heads

Kassidy face

Every one of Kassidy's friends knows the "Kassidy face". This doesn't do it justice cuz she's trying not to smile. I know of 2 of her friends that actually do it at home and their mommy says, ok Kassidy. Nice, I bet she'll love to know this when she grows up LOL.