What a Disneyland day!

We FINALLY took our first trip with Kassidy to Disneyland for her birthday that was back in Dec. She seriously had perma grin all day long and after the day was over she said I want to go back again and again and again! When we asked her what rides she liked the most she said teacups and pirates of the caribbean. What was funny is the first time we went on pirates she was scared of the noise and we didn't tell her that there was a drop so when we got to the top just before the drop I decided she should know or else I think we might have to do CPR and I don't know if I can remember that so I told her and she was fine, she didn't cry or anything...just in shock I think. We went all over the place and she was in heaven! I'm so glad we were able to do that for her :) We missed all the princesses though because we didn't know that they are in their "stations" at certain times during the day, I thought they just waked around all day and you could take pictures with them, um, nope and I was mad! We did get to see Tiana though which is the one Kassidy kept asking if she was gonna be there and she was very pretty! We tried to trick her to ride the log ride but then realized she was too short anyway. We got there around noon and left about 9:15pm when she started yawning but seriously, she is a party girl and could have stayed there all night! My friend in CA was so nice and let us stay at her house...bonus...she was only 1 mile away from Disneyland! It was fun to see her, her husband and their 6 month old baby :) Thank you Stacey!!! And thank you Disneyland for putting smiles on us ALL DAY LONG!

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We have a pooper

Kassidy is finally going poop on the toilet and I'm so excited...and apparently she was too! She has done it a couple times before but then stops so this time we are going full force and "making" her do it because I'm so sick of spending money on diapers and changing them. For the last 2 days we've sat with her for hours trying to get her to go and last night she was left alone and she went all by herself...if we only knew she just didn't like an audience! lol.
I was at a concert so I missed the whole excitement! She was so proud of herself she was dancing around shouting, YA YA YA and putting up her arms in the air. She's had a bowl of toys and candy in her bathroom to pick out every time she goes so for the first one Danny gave her a few of them and Kassidy tells them, "see I told you I would save you". She cracks me up!! This is a huge deal for her to overcome (either that or she's COMPLETELY stubborn) so I'm very proud of her.